7 best parks and green spaces in London

London is a home to very many parks, with rich history and a number of features, they are located in different parts of land. They also stand out due to their diver’s beauty and features and of course their rich history. Below are some of the best parks and green spaces worth visiting in London

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is the largest park in London, of the four royal parks. It has a huge green space. It is the home to Diana memorial fountain. You can also enjoy swimming and boating in the serpentine lake. This public park is located in Westminster in London. It is surrounded by Bays-water road on the north, park lane on the east and Knights-bridge on the east.

The 350 acres park is always open. For more inquiries you can also visit their website www.royalparks.org.uk/parks/hyde-park


St. James’s Park

This 23 hectare park is found in central London, the city of Westminster. The green space park has a lake, St James Lake, accompanied with two islands, that is Duck Island and West Island. With daily pelican feeding. It has grass roofed cafe, best for having nice time and ceremonial displays too.



The Regent’s Park

It is one of the royal parks. Found in the city of Westminster and partly found in London borough of Camden. This park contains the London zoo and Regents University.

It has modern, glass clad cafe, sports administrative center and changing rooms. You can find more on their website; http://www.royalparks.org.uk/parks/the-regents-park


Greenwich Park

Formerly, it was a hunting park and one of the green spaces in south east London. The 74 hectares large park has an expansive view. It is a home to royal observatory, maritime museum and meridian

For more you can visit their official website https://www.royalparks.org.uk/parks/greenwich-park

Hampstead heath Park

It is one of the London’s ancient parks, covering 790 acres. It has a green oasis for recreation. There are swimming ponds, woodland and city views from the parliament hill.

It is situated 6 kilometers from Trafalgar square.


Richmond Park

Richmond Park was created by Charles 1 as a deer park in the 17th century. It stands out as one of the national and international wildlife conservation parks, making a nature reserve park. This expansive and walled park was originally a hunting ground and still is a home to a number of deer.

It is located in London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.

Victoria Park

It is also known as people’s park. It is found in the heart of east London. The 86 hectares green park has lakes and fountain. It has two cafes, that is, on the east, there is the park cafe and the pavilion cafe on the west. The park hosts a number of historical artifacts and features. It also has decorative gardens and wild natural areas and open grass grasslands.