5 Must-Visit Bars and Pubs in London

It has recently become common knowledge that her majesty, The Queen has quite the fondness for gin. If you find yourself in London and If gin is not your drink of choice, below is a list of 5 of must-visit pubs and bars in and around London.

Beaufort Bar

With their stunning art-deco setting as well as their era specific, uniquely named cocktails, the Beaufort Bar is a hipsters dream. Aside from being well named, the cocktails taste amazing having been prepared by the Best International Hotel Bar, a coveted title they won at the Tales of Cocktails 2015.


Barts London

This charming 1920’s themed speakeasy is a must visit on your trip to London. While the art they have on display is most certainly something to behold, the real winner at this bar is obviously the cocktails. Not only are the cocktails world class as far as taste is concerned, the presentation of some the cocktails really creative as some of the cocktails are actually served from teapots. You don’t get more English than that now do you?

Also, if you are a tourist and you are celebrity watching, you may just see a few famous residents of Kensington and Chelsea attempting to recreate the prohibition era.


Bradley’s Spanish Bar

Bradley’s Spanish bar will definitely never be called pretentious and that’s a good thing. With 5 stars on Timeout, the pub has a warm and inviting feel, much like Spain.

While it doesn’t boast the expensive art pieces and antique furniture of the other bars and pubs on the list, it makes up for this with an amazing vinyl jukebox in case you feel like slow-dancing to some Motown after a few glasses of Spanish wine.


The Connaught Bar

When describing this bar, stylish and classy would be considered understatements. If you really want to feel like you are living your best life, visit the Connaught Bar and try one of their award winning cocktails.

Aside from the breathtaking cocktails, this bar is renowned for creating a Martini so good, James Bond would take it stirred and not shaken. The Martini also contains the Gancia Dry Vermouth, not available anywhere else but here.


The Doodle Bar

As the name suggests, you quite literally can go and doodle on the walls of the Doodle Bar. The bar also has a really good pale ale brewed especially for them as well as a selection of street foods in case all of that doodling works up an appetite.