5 things to do after work in Wimbledon

Wimbledon is a place that is popular for Tennis championship tournaments and has hosted several world Tennis events. But if you are living and working in this district of London then you would want to do something more than what is associated with Tennis. Here are five things to do after work in Wimbledon.

Find peace at Buddhapadipa

Buddhapadipa is the oldest Buddhist temple in the whole of London that is located in Wimbledon. This is a very calm and peaceful place with working monks who can guide you on soothing meditation. It has a very rich history from Thai Buddhists and you can find plenty of monuments around. The serene atmosphere inside the temple is sure to take your mind into a different world. So this place is ideal to relax after a hard days work at your office. Spending some time in this temple will refresh your mind and you can go home with a smile.

Set the route to Buddhapadipa

Enjoy the nature at parks

There are two most popular parks in Wimbledon; the Cannizaro Park and the Modern hall park. The Cannizaro house from 1700s around the corner was home to many noble families. This is now a luxury hotel for visitors to stay. The park around it has lush green trees with a beautiful valley. The Modern hall park is popular for its bridge over a nice lake that covers the park. Taking a stroll in this amazing nature can help you relieve your stress from work.

Shop Organic

The farmer’s market in Wimbledon is popular for fresh grown organic vegetables and fruits. You can easily spend a good amount of time enjoying the view of fresh grown veggies. Nothing like shopping here and taking home some nutritionally rich vegetables to prepare your dinner. You can even buy fresh meat, cheese and ready to eat fresh food from this market.

Wimbledon Village

This place is popular for shopping and the broadway here is filled with department stores, boutiques, fashion stores and various other shopping places. You can take a long walk in this place and explore new products in the market. There are plenty of deals you can save from too.

The Windmill

The Wimbledon windmill is another attractive spot where people come for a walk and enjoy sunset amidst an old windmill. This place is again surrounded by the beauty of nature and very peaceful to relax for a while before you head home. There is also a museum by the mill where you can experience some historical stuff too.
With these 5 things to do after work in Wimbledon, you can easily relax after a busy day. Whether you are alone or have a company, these places are ideal to kill your boredom and come out fresh.